Prokar Advantage

Fast Turn-Around Time for Your Railcars

  • Railcars repaired in your facility assure minimum out of service time by eliminating shipping to and from an outside shop.
  • Railcar repair performed on site on your schedule rather than contract shop's schedule.
  • Prokar maintains an excellent turn-around time averaging 3 days. Many cars are repaired and sent for loading the same day.

Lower Costs

  • On-Site shop rates are generally lower than contract shop rates.
  • Faster turn-around time equates to more car days available for loading and more efficient use of your fleet.
  • Use of on-site railcar repair eliminates freight charges and switching fees.

Customized Maintenance Programs

  • Scope of repairs and services are customized for your facility's specific maintenance needs.
  • Preventive maintenance programs are often utilized.
  • Railcar repair performed inside or near your facility enables you to check status of any job at any time and affords direct control over maintenance activities.
  • Inspection or auditing of work quality or progress is more accessible when repairs are made on-site.

Savings of Time and Maintenance Dollars

  • Fleet utilization is optimized by having fewer railcars out of service, therefore, more cars are available for loading.
  • Best value for your maintenance dollars is in an on-site railcar repair facility by Prokar, Inc.